Who We Are

We setup Peace Power Animal Welfare & Health to help give animals everywhere a better life. We’re an organisation of enthusiastic animal advocates. There is too much animal cruelty and mistreatment out there. With expert knowledge from vets across the globe, we aim to bring this knowledge to you, our fellow animal lovers. Our goal is to also raise awareness of the terrible state of animals kept in captivity, used for testing, and blood sports. Together we can tackle this injustice, improve their quality of life, and free them from abuse.

How do we Help?

Peace Power Animal Welfare & Health will share the latest research and advice from scientists, veterinarians, and professionals in the field to educate pet owners, farmers, hunters, and legislators and policy makers on best practices and ethical treatment of animals. We’re developing a go-to guide based on the internationally recognised “Five Freedoms”. It is our strongly held belief that education is the key to encouraging a kinder generation of humans.

Let’s end the suffering and cruelty and act now! Contact your local politicians to enact change for the better. Always alert your local authorities if you witness any form of animal cruelty.